Created in 1969 as the Cherry Hills North Water and Sanitation District, as a "Special District". In 1979 the District was reformed as a Metropolitan District.

Please note that despite the name, the District never provided Water, only Sanitation. By providing Sanitation, we hold the contract  with the actual sewage processor (Metropolitan Wastewater District see
Intergovernmental Agreement).

At (or close to) inception, the Board determined that it would be advantageous to the residents if sewage fees were collected as taxes. This way, we pay with pre-tax dollars. So instead of a monthly usage fee per household on our water bills, there is an assessment on our property taxes. The State collects the money and sends it to us, and from us most of it goes to Hillcrest.

Our other major responsibility is maintaining the pipes. As anyone who has dealt with plumbing issues knows, these costs can be highly variable ... but are seldom cheap. Over time, pipes get clogged or develop leaks. Neither is acceptable, and annual operations to clear clogs and monitor for leaks are usually undertaken. Sometimes the video monitoring highlights an area which needs work and we arrange for that to be done.

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