[Board] website fees, storage. topics for the nov meeting

Keith Bierman KHBKHB+METRODISTRICT at gmail.com
Thu Oct 10 11:31:33 EDT 2019

coming up for renewal.

website itself  $11/yr .. 30.84 for 3yrs, 50.40 for 5 yrs ; not paid yet

doc storage (dropbox) $119 (year)  (autorenewed ... sorry to do this in
arrears!). I failed to figure out that this was the metro district, and not
another dropbox account

We've not trimmed anyone's District email folders. I propose that the Board
authorize me to apply a 1 year automatic deletion to the hosted email inbox
folder for everyone (alternatively, I could apply it to all except one
account, so we'd have a longer term archive, but without all the
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