[Board] Hillcrest Annual Report re: Outfall Line

Darcy Beard darcybeardcpa at comcast.net
Wed Nov 9 13:28:22 EST 2016

Hi Sue,

I have a couple of questions on the Annual Report received via email on
October 25, 2016.  

1.        The 2016 Debt Service on Page two of the letter shows Cherry Hills
North portion of debt service for 2016 Actual of $2,817 however Cherry Hills
North received Invoice Number CHN-2015-4 dated 4/11/16 detailing the May 1,
2016 debt service payment due at $3,275.83.  This is a difference of $458.83
- please clarify which is correct and detail of the difference.  Will the
debt service payment shown for 2017 Budget at $2,817 change? 

2.       Page One of the letter states the invoice from Metro increased from
$55,785 in 2016 to $186,936 in 2017.  Is the 2017 amount for the Hillcrest
Outfall portion of the line only?

3.       Do you have information on the cost per connection and a contractor
to inspect for illegal sump pumps in the event the CHN Board should decide
to approve a project to inspect? 

4.       Has the Hillcrest Board budgeted for the metering program discussed
on Page two of the report for 2017?  

5.       Is the cost to repair the 19 manholes identified for repair and the
additional jet cleaning anticipated to be completed in 2017 or deferred to

Thanks for your help on clearing up these questions.  I hope you are well.

Best regards,

Darcy Beard


Darcy Beard CPA

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