[Board] City says we have a light out...

Keith Bierman keith.bierman at chnorthmetro.us
Sun Oct 23 00:01:41 EDT 2016

That the signage lighting at Dahlia and South Hudson has been out for some time. There's a resident whose complained to the City and wants it fixed before Halloween.

I haven't been out to check (to see if it's just a bulb, or someone cut the power line) ...

Do we have to await our next meeting to authorize having the new lighting team take a peek, or can we authorize this via email?

Interestingly, the City thought the HOA still manages the lights and that Margaret was still the point person for the HOA. I explained that it's us and not the HOA, and that Margaret isn't (and hasn't for some years ;>) been on the HOA.

I've taken the liberty of asking Pamela to adjust their records to use this alias instead for future reporting.

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