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> Darcy:
> Thank you for this information. 


> (1)    Instruct Purrington to engage DES or other subcontractor to proceed with the recommended root removal (rootsaw) at estimated cost of $879.20 (for the 1,099 LF recommended in the memo);

> (2)    Ask Purrington/DES to confirm the addresses of the nine service lines that are showing significant root intrusion.  Proceed to have the District generate letters to these nine homeowners recommending that the homeowners have the service line maintenance performed on or before ___________ (pick a date about 90-120 days out) and asking the homeowners to email the District to confirm that the maintenance will be scheduled.  As offered, pls have Purrington prepare a draft of the letter to be placed on District letterhead.

What happens if the homeowner(s) don’t arrange for the work to be done? Is this akin to a homeowner requirement to maintain “parkway” areas (in places where such exist ;>) where failure to do so can result in the local government doing the work and sending a bill?

As official correspondence, we probably should ensure these letters make it to the archive.

> (3)    Have Purrington/DES confirm which home (4000 S. Dahlia or 4001 Nassau Circle West) has the service line intruding into the sanitary main (between MH 2.1 and 2.2).  This should be a homeowner cost (and not District cost). 

It seems unlikely the homeowner did the work themselves … shouldn’t whoever did the work be liable? Is there some sort of inspection process where this sort of error would be caught closer in time to the work being done?

> At the last meeting, we discussed increasing the amount of annual tax increase that we would ask the neighborhood to support.  Given that the Purrington report does not identify any major capital expenses, it may be wise to stick with our original proposal (to increase taxes by approx.. $20k/year, increasing mill levy by 2.000 mills), and then look at requesting additional funding in the 2018-2020 timeframe.

We still have the extra debt service cost (indirect), so there’s still a pretty strong argument for more than 2mills

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