[Board] draft minutes of tonight's meeting

keith.bierman at chnorthmetro.us keith.bierman at chnorthmetro.us
Wed Jul 30 00:22:55 EDT 2014

More wordy than usual. I thought the issues raised by the public and our answers should be recorded for the sake of those who were not there in person.

Marcus: do you know if the HOA request to the City Council for Right of Way (sign usage) is going to include all of the original signs as surveyed? https://www.dropbox.com/sh/kgknv2nw49ri63h/AAAMmE-PClvU6Cly8jSYHoepa/Misc/signsurveys2013.pdf  or have they deleted “Sean’s sign”? For posterity sake, would be nice to have the rights match the survey.

Keith Bierman
Cherry Hills North Metropolitan District
keith.bierman at chnorthmetro.us

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